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How to Apply

European postgraduate students aiming to obtain a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in any scientific area involving complex systems are invited to apply directly to the Chairman of the Scientific Organizing Committee G. Tsironis at Each application should include:

(a) CV including a transcript of grades obtained in the applicant’s undergraduate studies,
(b) a statement explaining why the School will be useful to the applicant’s current studies,
(c) request for financial support, if none can be obtained from other sources.

The deadline for applications is May 15, 2013. Based on the above information, the Scientific Organizing Committee will select 30-35 applicants. The decision regarding their acceptance will be known by the end of May 2013. To obtain a Certificate of Participation the selected students should attend all lectures and exercise sessions of the School (see Final Lecture Program). Students who also undertake to do a project on a special topic belonging to any one of the 4 courses, will have their project graded by one of the instructors and depending on their performance may receive a Certificate of Participation with Distinction.

The selected students will be asked to download and read preparatory course material provided by the instructors and placed on the School’s website by mid June 2013. In this way, the students will be better prepared to follow the lectures and exercise sessions of the School.


Financial Aspects

The attendance fee for students participating in the PhD School is 350 euro. This includes:
a) Participation in all lectures and exercise sessions
b) Official folder and all printed material related to the Ph.D. School
c) Participation in all the School’s social activities d) Lunch and coffee breaks during the School.
Comfortable single individual rooms will be provided to the students at the housing facilities of the Technological Education Institute of Crete at approximately 12 euros per day.
The School will be able to provide limited financial support to some of the selected students, on the basis of their need